Losing Brave – The Audio Book

Ready to record!

Do you have any idea what goes in to creating an audio book version of a novel?

Yeah, neither did we!

We have been so blessed throughout this entire Losing Brave journey and one of those blessings was the opportunity for Bailee to read for the audio book. It is rare for authors to read for their own audio versions but we couldn’t pass it up.

Although it was a long and grueling process, Bailee knocked it out of the park! On three separate days, and for eight hours each day, Bailee sat in a sound booth and read from the manuscript. I watched via live feed from my home in Oklahoma.

The process is incredibly intentional in the way it was done. Bailee had to read at a rate that was slow enough to be easily understood, but fast enough so as not to allow the story to drag. Each time there was an error, the producer would back the audio up by two seconds and Bailee would jump back in at the right time.

Bailee in the audio recording booth

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to hear the story read back to me, but even Bailee was able to enjoy the story as she so carefully read the manuscript. When you’re writing and editing a novel, you get so wrapped up in the details that you lose sight of the project as a whole. While Bailee and I have loved every step of the process and our love for the story never waived, it was a beautiful thing to read it as a whole and fall in love with it all over again.

Even after all of those long hours, and a sore throat on Bailee’s part, we walked away more in love with the story than ever and anxious for it to be out. As soon as we finished we wanted to get to work on a movie script and even considered writing a prequel – just so we wouldn’t have to say goodbye to the characters that we love so much.

We fully believe that reading the novel will be a great experience, and hearing it will only make the story come to life even more!

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Losing Brave, Meet The American Library Association

Stefne Miller and Bailee Madison at ALA.

When you’re a writer, you dream about the day that your book will be born and enter the world, and while you’re dreaming away you can’t help but stumble into the American Library Association Convention.

It is a HUGE event that takes place every year. An opportunity for every publishing company imaginable to display not only their books, but their authors. The space is gargantuan, books are everywhere and there are so many people in attendance that it’s difficult to move – but it’s oh, so amazing!

Blink YA booth at ALA

This year, Bailee and I were honored to not only be invited to attend the convention in Chicago, but to also sign and give-away over one hundred books to the wonderful librarians who waited in line to get their copy.

We anticipated the event for months and then ran in to a snag. Bailee was on location filming and with weather causing havoc on the shoot, they were behind schedule. Behind schedule meant that Bailee’s call times were less certain. The closer the event got, the less and less it looked like Bailee would be able to join us for such a wonderful event.

Stefne Miller, Bailee Madison and McCall Hoyle at ALA in Chicago

Luckily, the day of the convention, Bailee was given a break long enough to allow her to rush to the airport, jump on a one hour flight and arrive thirty minutes before our signing. As soon as the signing was finished, she jumped right back into the car, returned to the airport, jumped on another plane and was on location that evening.

What a trooper!

The Blink YA page in the ALA Program and Directory

Just those few minutes talking to librarians from all over the country was worth the struggle and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share Losing Brave with them.

Thanks to Blink YA/Harper Collins and the American Library Association for having us!

One of the best ways to get Losing Brave into the hands of more readers is for the novel to stock library shelves so be sure that you ask your local and school libraries to order copies.

If you make a request and your librarian orders a copy, leave me a note on the “Contact” page so we can give you both a shoutout!

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Losing Brave Takes Nashville

Bailee and I officially sign our publishing contract with Blink YA!

Bailee and I had a wonderful two days in Nashville, Tennessee for the Harper Collins/Zondervan/Blink YA sales conference.

Bailee and Stefne in Nashville

It was a special event because it was at that conference that the announcement of release of Losing Brave was announced. Bailee also had a wonderful opportunity to speak to everyone in attendance about being true to yourself – even against all odds.

A little Snapchat love from Nashville

Once she finished her amazing talk, I joined her on stage with our publisher, Annette Bourland and we answered questions about the book, our writing process and more.

One of the most goose-bump worthy moments? We not only saw the book cover for the first time, but we also had the opportunity to sign book cover posters for the attendees.

Bailee Madison and Stefne Miller sign Losing Brave posters

Our quick trip to Nashville was an amazing way to kick off this adventure!

Patti (Bailee’s mom) Stefne and Bailee – we found great lighting! 🙂

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Losing Brave Article in Teen Vogue

My wonderful co-writer, Bailee, had the privilege of sitting down with Teen Vogue magazine to talk about our latest project, Losing Brave.

In the article posted on Monday, April 3, 2017, Bailee describes the novel and gives her thoughts about what we believe make it such a special book.

Head on over and check it out!



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