Announcing: Losing Brave

From award-winning actress Bailee Madison and Reader’s Choice Award Finalist Stefne Miller, comes Losing Brave.

More than a year has passed since seventeen-year-old Payton Brave’s twin sister went missing; and Payton, in her desperate attempt to hold on to what’s left of Dylan’s memory, is starting to crack.

Lost in the mystery and turmoil of her sister’s disappearance, Payton must overcome the aftermath of being the one left behind. She’s unable to remember even the smallest piece of what happened the day Dylan vanished. When sudden and reckless outbursts throw her from the graces of popularity to the outskirts of high school society, her new status attracts a crowd of friends she never anticipated—including a troubling romance with her sister’s boyfriend, Cole.

New clues unearth about the circumstances of her disappearance when another missing girl’s body is recovered from a nearby lake, the victim’s features eerily similar to Dylan’s. The more Payton pries open the clenches of her blocked memories, yielding to her need to know what happened, the further down the path of danger she goes. The darkness around her sister’s disappearance grows and the truth becomes more and more unbearable. And what she finds might just cost her her life.

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The Tragedy of Domestic Violence – Part Four

Hello all!

I apologize for being a week behind on the latest video of Jayme.

I’m in the middle of a deadline with my publisher while simultaneously on deadline for a script. Totally crazy that both happened at the same time.

So, the last few weeks I haven’t had much sleep and have been completely focused on meeting these deadlines so my other activities and communication have slipped.

I’d appreciate your prayers that I can turn in the materials in time and everyone is pleased with my work. I’ve never been more stressed out in my life and I have the upset stomach, and hair falling out to prove it. lol

Oh, the joys of writing!


But alas! Here we are with more of Jayme’s story. Please be sure to share it with others!

The Tragedy of Domestic Violence – Part Three

I saw him kill himself


A Living Nightmare

As I prepped today’s video for all of you, I couldn’t help but cry. This is such a difficult story to hear. Not just because Jayme is my friend. Not just because she is such a gentle spirit who has experienced a living nightmare. I cried because she isn’t alone. Domestic abuse happens too often. It’s a quite epidemic that eats away at our society and destroys the lives of so many.

Today, as you watch Jayme share more of her story, please lift of prayers for all of those out there who are in the middle of their own living nightmare. Pray for them to find a way to escape. Pray for them to survive and thrive.

In Today’s Video…

Jayme continues to share the events of the day that her ex-husband attempted to kill her, then turned the gun on himself.

She also discusses the aftermath of the shooting, and the spiritual events surrounding the tragedy.

In case you missed them, here are the first two videos in the series: Part One, Part Two–hr0


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The Tragedy of Domestic Violence - Part Three



The Tragedy of Domestic Violence – Part Two

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

For writers:

Writers: if you are writing a story that includes domestic violence, this video series is for you. (Video at the bottom of the post) My Tuesday video series was created to provide writers with character inspiration and research.

For all:

In part two of this six part video interview, Jayme shares more information about the domestic violence in her life, and how she tried to escape, and the violent events of May 16, 2006 where her abuser shot her and killed himself.

If you missed Part One of this interview, watch it here.


Check back next Tuesday for Part Three of Jayme’s powerful interview.

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Domestic Violence

One Easy Way to Improve Your Scripts

read scripts

Screenwriting is a gift…

… but it also takes a lot of practice, a lot of writing and a lot of reading other scripts in order to learn to do it well.

In today’s video, I share a special way that I not only read other scripts, but learn what it is about each script that made it so great.

(Links to scripts below the video)

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Film Scripts

The Fault In Our Stars

Gone Girl

American Sniper




American Hustle

The Bling Ring

Twelve Years a Slave

The Wolf of Wall Street

As Good As It Gets

Gossip Girl (pilot)


Friday Night Lights

The Room

Glee (pilot)

The American President

Notting Hill

Sleepless In Seattle 

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