2 Replies to “God Can Do All Things… But Can He Truly Use Me?”

  1. Love this! Seriously, this is my main struggle in my walk with the Lord. And the thing is, it shouldn’t be a struggle because God does use us, even when we don’t necessarily see it. A few weeks ago, I had a long conversation with a dear friend, and I essentially told her my life story (the abridged version in a couple hours), but I told her all the big points. Throughout the whole thing I noticed how often I would say “God was at work there,” or “That was a miracle from the Lord!” I used those phrases so much it shocked me. And it shouldn’t have shocked me because GOD already knows my life story, he WROTE my life story. Of course he was at work in every big, defining moment. He designed those moments and the outcome. Also, I think we so often overlook the seemingly “small” ways we are being used, that might actually be huge to God or to someone else. Helping out someone in need is God using you, being kind to someone who is clearly having a bad day is God using you. I don’t have the answer of how to change this mindset either, but I think it starts with faith and trust (and a little bit of pixie dust  ). Trusting the Lord that he will lead you where you’re meant to be, and continually giving love along the path. This was a much longer comment than I anticipated haha, but this subject struck a chord with me!

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