How To Write A Screenplay Beat by Beat: Plus Screenwriting Template

Does screenwriting wear you out?

More specifically, planning your screenplay?

Is outlining just not your thing?

Are you running out of space on your walls trying to determine just how your scenes will come to life?

Planning Your Screenplay Made Easy… or Easier, Anyway

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Using Todd Klick’s “Something Startling Happens“, I’ve created a system that has cut down my frustration level and helped me start writing rather than spending time outlining… or simply doing nothing at all because I’m stuck.

In the video I tell you the story of my first few attempts at planning my script, and then show you a new tool that I use to make the screenplay writing process much easier.

Give this system a try and find out if it can make your writing life a little bit easier.







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3 Replies to “How To Write A Screenplay Beat by Beat: Plus Screenwriting Template”

  1. Thank you for making this template, it’s incredibly helpful! Have you thought about posting a straight PPTX or at least editable pdf file? It would be very handy to be able to type into it instead of having to print it at a write it in every time. :/

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