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When I wrote Collision over a year ago, there was no way I could’ve known how timely it would end up being. Turns out, its national release (March 27th) is within the same time frame as the push for #KONY2012 and the “Cover the Night” events all over the  world. The fact that the atrocities going on at the hands of Kony is again being pushed to the forefront of social consciousness excites me! Maybe now, this man will finally be stopped.

In their first documentary, it was Invisible Children that opened my eyes to the crimes of Joseph Kony and the plight of the Ugandan people – children especially. It was through the Invisible Children that God awakened my spirit and compelled me to learn more… do more.

Within months we started the adoption process. And within a year and half we adopted a son, Yohannes, from Ethiopia. We tried to adopt from Uganda, but at the time, adoptions to non-Ugandan citizens were not permitted. Eventually, we were one of the first families to try to adopt from Uganda and had accepted the referral of two children but after an almost two-year process, the adoptions fell through. (You can read more about this on this site, under the category of ‘Adoption’)

Also within a year of seeing the documentary, my husband and I were on a plane to Gulu, Uganda, the very city that the documentary was filmed in. We were hosted by an amazing organization called Favor of God Ministries (their information is listed in the back of Collision). It was on that  trip that we fell in love with the people and it was on that trip that I wrote a very detailed journal.That journal turned into parts of Collision. All of Cabot’s first impressions during his trip to Uganda came from this journal.

I walked away from that trip with memories that would last a lifetime and a burning desire to help… in some way. I hadn’t even started writing yet, so writing a book about it didn’t cross my mind, but I knew that I would end up doing something.

Fast forward a few years, after I finished writing Salvaged and Rise and I was looking for a new project. I looked up at my wall and saw the faces on the photos in front of me. I sat down, started typing and Collision was born. I told the story of boy named “Cab Stone”. He had everything a guy could ever want… minus one thing. A purpose. He meets a girl who has almost nothing but one very important thing… you guessed it, a purpose. She lives in Gulu, Uganda and serves those brutalized by the LRA and their 20 year attack on Northern Uganda. She opens Cab’s eyes to a whole new world.  Once his heart opens as well,  – there’s no going back to how he once was. (You can read the first two chapters and see the book trailer by clicking on the tab at the top of this page)

So far, about 350 copies of Collision have been purchased from my website or at one of my speaking events.

Lives have been touched.

Priorities realized.

Purposes unveiled.

I’ve received letters from people who put the book down and immediately signed up for mission or humanitarian trips. I got a tweet today from a wonderful girl who put the book down and within minutes was sponsoring a child from Uganda. Many high schoolers have read the book and vow to try to make a difference…. somehow. All because of a story. And all because…

… ten years ago, three guys went on a trip. They ended up uncovering something that nobody on our side of the world knew about. They promised a boy named Jacob that they would do something about what they saw. They didn’t fail to deliver on that promise. Because of them…

… millions upon millions of eyes have been opened. Lives have changed – mine just  one of them.

I encourage you to watch this amazing video. Thoughtfully consider helping by making a donation. Take part in the “Cover the Night” events in your town. Sometimes, it only takes one person to change the course of mankind. You could be that one.


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