The Tragedy of Domestic Violence – Part Four

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But alas! Here we are with more of Jayme’s story. Please be sure to share it with others!

The Tragedy of Domestic Violence – Part Three

I saw him kill himself


A Living Nightmare

As I prepped today’s video for all of you, I couldn’t help but cry. This is such a difficult story to hear. Not just because Jayme is my friend. Not just because she is such a gentle spirit who has experienced a living nightmare. I cried because she isn’t alone. Domestic abuse happens too often. It’s a quite epidemic that eats away at our society and destroys the lives of so many.

Today, as you watch Jayme share more of her story, please lift of prayers for all of those out there who are in the middle of their own living nightmare. Pray for them to find a way to escape. Pray for them to survive and thrive.

In Today’s Video…

Jayme continues to share the events of the day that her ex-husband attempted to kill her, then turned the gun on himself.

She also discusses the aftermath of the shooting, and the spiritual events surrounding the tragedy.

In case you missed them, here are the first two videos in the series: Part One, Part Two–hr0


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The Tragedy of Domestic Violence - Part Three