Why Bailee Madison and I Wrote ‘Losing Brave’ Together

Our daily drive to the Annabelle Hooper set with Bailee, Patti (B’s mom), Stefne, Mavrick and Dawn (Mav’s mom)

One of the questions that Bailee and I are asked most often is how we came to a place of writing a novel together. So, I thought I’d take a moment to share the story with you.

Bailee and I started a friendship several years ago. She was reading a novel that I’d written and liked it enough to reach out to me on Twitter.  After a brief conversation over Twitter DM’s, we spoke for a few hours on the phone that evening and really hit it off. We had very similar ideas when it came to the types of projects we wanted to create and vowed to stay in contact. I even traveled to Florida to spend a few days with Bailee and her mother, Patti to discuss project ideas.

Bailee and Stefne first meet- March 2014

When the time came for Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket to go into pre-production, as one of the producers for the project, Bailee suggested that they bring me on board to rewrite/age up the script. Excited for the chance to work on my first film project and to work alongside Bailee, I jumped at the opportunity. In a matter of only a few short months I’d reworked the script and was on my way to Nantucket for the shoot.

A typical morning drive to the Annabelle Hooper set with Bailee and Patti.

Although it was hectic and our time together was mostly in the car on the way to the next location or home for the night, Bailee and I continually talked about creating other projects together. During one of those chats, I floated the idea of co-writing a novel together and shared a general story idea that had been rolling through my mind for several years.

Bailee and Stefne in Toronto – 2016

Luckily, Bailee loved the idea and the starting story concepts for Losing Brave were born. Once we returned back to our very different “normal” lives, we continued the process and eventually Blink YA signed on to publish the story.

Bailee and I believe that everything happens for a reason and God brings people into your life for a purpose. Our friendship and love of story are proof that we were brought together for a reason and one of those reasons was to tell the story of Payton Brave.

We can’t wait for you to read it!

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Losing Brave Takes Nashville

Bailee and I officially sign our publishing contract with Blink YA!

Bailee and I had a wonderful two days in Nashville, Tennessee for the Harper Collins/Zondervan/Blink YA sales conference.

Bailee and Stefne in Nashville

It was a special event because it was at that conference that the announcement of release of Losing Brave was announced. Bailee also had a wonderful opportunity to speak to everyone in attendance about being true to yourself – even against all odds.

A little Snapchat love from Nashville

Once she finished her amazing talk, I joined her on stage with our publisher, Annette Bourland and we answered questions about the book, our writing process and more.

One of the most goose-bump worthy moments? We not only saw the book cover for the first time, but we also had the opportunity to sign book cover posters for the attendees.

Bailee Madison and Stefne Miller sign Losing Brave posters

Our quick trip to Nashville was an amazing way to kick off this adventure!

Patti (Bailee’s mom) Stefne and Bailee – we found great lighting! 🙂

Pre-order your copy of Losing Brave today and receive it on your doorstep release day!