The Tragedy of Domestic Violence

Writers: if you are writing a story that includes domestic violence, this video series is for you. (Video at the bottom of the post)

But first…

I originally developed Tuesday’s to be a time to showcase interviews with interesting people so that writers could practice character development. Writers can watch the videos, take notes and practice looking for those characteristics and pieces of information that would be compelling for a character in their novel or screenplays.

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If you missed last month’s series with Private Investigator, Kathy, be sure to check them out. Here are the links:

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Surviving Domestic Violence

Today, I start a six day video series with a precious friend of mine who survived one of the most horrific series of events that I’ve ever personally heard about. Her story is powerful, compelling and life changing.

Anyone – writer, or not, will find inspiration by watching Jayme’s story. I encourage you to watch today’s video and check back in every Tuesday for the next several weeks to hear the rest of her story, and the catastrophic event that almost ended her life.

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The Tragedy of Domestic Violence

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