Hey Writers: When Does Appearance Actually Matter?

Hey, Fellow Writers!

I established in an earlier video that I can be a big fat liar – at least to myself. One way I lie to myself (as discussed) is by telling myself “I Can’t”.

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Another way I lie to myself is to say that my appearance doesn’t matter.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it does.

Writers: Appearance Matters

But maybe not how you would think…

As writers, we live in a very secluded world. We climb inside our make believe worlds and don’t venture out as often as the “normal folk” do.

But how do we find readers if we’re hidden away? How do people get to know us? Learn to love us… and our work?

Check out today’s video with this latest lie that I used to tell myself, and find out how overcoming this lie can change your writing life!







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We write all day. We barely leave our house. Pajamas and sweats are our staple wardrobe. But, did you know that this could harm your book sales? In today's video, I explain why.

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